Wednesday, October 7, 2015

To Free Writing

I've been thinking a lot about scholarly processes lately; about the how, rather than the what, of what we do.  I started focusing on this issues while working on my contribution to last year's Babel Working Group meeting in Santa Barbara and it led to the session that Asa Mittman and I organized for this year's Babel meeting in Toronto and my own contribution to that session.  The session as a whole is summarized in a post on the Material Collective's blog and so the point of this post is to highlight my own contribution.  This took the form of a video entitled "To Free Writing" which is available here.  The text in the video was developed through my process of freewriting, which I documented in additional videos (Freewriting 1, Freewriting 2, Freewriting 3Freewriting 4, Freewriting 5, Freewriting 6, Freewriting 7, Freewriting 8, Freewriting 9, Freewriting 10, Freewriting 11, Freewriting 12).